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Police will use technology to bust cannabis users. Is this a good or a bad thing for minorities?

Gaize measures micro-movements of the eye, and is based on the existing science of Drug Recognition Expert eye examinations. Tests are performed in an automated fashion, eliminating errors and clearing the way for successful prosecutions.

“There’s a really strong push in the field to see what we can do to better determine impairment and behavioral function rather than just rely on fluid measures,”

- Thomas Marcotte, Co-Director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego

Gaize Completes World's Largest Cannabis Impairment Clinical Trial. Gaize, Inc. announced that it has completed the world's largest clinical trial investigating cannabis impairment.

The trial was conducted in partnership with dicentra, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Toronto, Canada. It included both measurements of participants prior to and after having consumed legally available cannabis. "dicentra's role in this trial consisted of two parts," says Radivoje Janjic, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, at dicentra. "First, to facilitate safe data collection using the Gaize device before and following cannabis consumption, and second, to ensure our participants were safe while being impaired and using the device".

The results of the study were described as "outstanding" by Gaize Chief Technology Officer, Rob Lass. "We have really put our product through its paces. Based on the data we gathered, we have been able to capture important insights into how cannabis impairment manifests in eye movement, and perform algorithmic optimization in preparation for the commercial launch," said Lass. Gaize is targeting a late 2022 release for the product.

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