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Premier of the Anona Miss Show "Secrets in Public"

***Attention, everyone!***Get ready to witness the first episode of Anona Miss Show, brought to you by Kine Hearts Media. Join us for an exciting journey of discovery as we explore the secrets hidden in plain sight in our latest episode, "Secrets in Public".

Sunday March 5, 5 PM EST.

In this episode, our special guest, Miss Sherry, will share her powerful and moving poem, "Life in the Dey". Miss Sherry's words will take us on a journey through the challenges and triumphs of being in a bad relationship with Dey. She will shed light on the struggles we all face in our daily lives and offer insights on how to overcome them.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to hear from Miss Sherry and learn from her experiences. Join us for the premiere of Anona Miss Show and witness the power of poetry and storytelling. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and surprises in the upcoming episodes.
















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