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We know what Delta 8 is, right?

Every regular marijuana user knows that marijuana contains two main ingredients: CBD and THC, or cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. The latter makes us intoxicated, while the former is known to cause the healing effect of most cannabis. A lesser known fact is that along with the many types of THC, marijuana contains many other cannabinoids.

The compound that produces psychoactive effects and gives us a sense of relaxation and well-being is delta-9-THC. It is rich in weeds to distinguish it from hemp. Hemp is a plant species that is low in delta-9-THC and is widely used in medicine, textiles, and building materials. Delta-8 THC is very similar but not identical to its psychoactive cousin. Slight differences in molecular structure have led to the many benefits and effects of these cannabinoids that are gaining popularity today. More importantly, "8" can be extracted from hemp.

Delta-8 Pros & Cons

Delta-8 is also yet to be well-studied. It will take some time for researchers and doctors to gather all necessary information about the health effects of this cannabinoid, both positive and negative ones. Due to its novelty, delta-8 THC has many proponents and at the same time causes lots of concerns about its propagation.

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